Why Girls Fall For A Sense of Humor and Men For the Appearance

What do single men and women pay attention to when they first meet or go on a date? Some of the researchers said that opinions of different age groups vary. For example, around 60% of guys in the age of 25-30 pay attention for the first time when they meet a woman to their appearance and only 7% to erudition. For men in the age of 30-45, the need for “turning any conversation into an erudite discussion” increased to 10%, although the appearance criteria still dominate (54%). More men around 25% between the ages of 25 and 35 are more interested in the career of a girl than men in the age of 36-46 (only 14%).

What about women? Girls in the age of 22-29 as well as men, on the first date, paid attention to the appearance (27%), but the guys’ professional activity did not stand aside. 25% of girls are interested in men’s careers. Also, an important factor played the guys’ expensive accessories where 23% of single women paid attention to them. However, for women who are 30-40 years old, a sense of humor is much more important (39%). They would definitely fall for the funny guys if they chat online by using a dating service.

Interesting Things to Consider

Opinions of all participants matched in only one thing: approximately 12% in each age group paid attention to interesting hobbies and the partner’s interests. Actually, it’s not surprising that men like what they see with the eyes and women enjoy what they hear. Men of all ages still fall primarily on the girl’s look. For girls, in addition to attractive looks, social status and a sense of humor are important. That could be explained by the desire to find a reliable partner because men with a successful career and a good sense of humor cause more confidence and relationships usually lead to “happily ever after”.

So whatever the reason is, the main thing is that people like each other and continue their relationships that lead to marriage. Scientists also explain here the positive impact of marriage (or long-term partnership in general) on health for different reasons. For example, partners can adopt useful habits from each other or help each other in difficult times and in stressful situations. The overall budget also influences: it is likely that the common income allows partners to better monitor their health. A long-term study published in 2015 showed that marriage has such a beneficial effect on men.

In conclusion

The best thing is to love yourself and remember that everyone can be beautiful and sexy or have a nice sense of humor, including those with excess weight and stretch marks. If you enjoy with your new partner a physical activity, communication, etc., you are on the right way. Appearance is about taking care of yourself, having the pleasure of life and feeling attractive. Also, sports are not only beneficial to health, but also give you confidence in yourself – simply due to the awareness of what your body is capable of. And, of course, common jokes and having fun with a partner are the keys to the improvement of relationships.